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Northside Church of Christ had a fantastic VBS during the week of June 1st! It was great to see all that attended this year. I want to thank all of our members who turned out and supported the Vacation Bible School with their tireless, generous, and selfless work! Thanks to everyone for their abundant prayers to God our Father for blessing us with this ministry!
From the preparations to the handing out of refreshments, we thank God for everyone that helped! For every deed and every helping hand, no matter how great or how small, be assured that the Lord noticed every kind word and deed and He will not forget what you have done for His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a real blessing from the Lord to see the participation from our members, and it was such wonderful encouragement from God to see everyone working together for Jesus!

We really had a treat seeing the children – most of whom were from the neighborhood – getting to know all about Jesus and how to become “Fishers of Men” (Matthew 4:19). When asked if anyone knew what “Fishers of Men” meant, one of the youth replied, “Fishers of men means fishing for souls!” — What marvelous insight! So we used that phrase — “Fishers of men means fishing for souls!” — as one of our “catch” phrases during VBS… (pun intended).

… And talk about the singing! I think the children had never heard of most of the “standard” VBS songs, but by Friday night the kids had memorized about 10 of the songs, and singing their hearts out on every one! The most requested songs were “Roll the Gospel Chariot Along” and “I’m in the Lord’s Army”. Yes sir!!

Also, we thank God for the parents and families of the children. Some of the parents either stayed for the adult class and either helped with serving refreshments or in other kind and generous ways. And the children were so nice and well-behaved! Kids don’t get good manners accidentally .. it takes loving parents, grand-parents, and families who sacrifice for their kids, who actively nurture and love their children so they can turn out to be such polite, courteous, respectful and loving young children.

I also want to thank the VBS teachers who did such wonderful jobs this year. All of you are dedicated servants of Jesus Christ! – may God bless you all!

Also, thanks to Brother Dent for building our VBS sign, and thanks to David and Gary for bringing their ladder to put up the blue and white streamers around the building!

Here are the attendance totals for every night:
Monday night – 32; Tuesday night – 35; Wednesday night – 43; Thursday night – 35 (some children had baseball games), and Friday night – 48!

And last but not least … we appreciate the time, energy, and selfless work of the Lambert Book House for producing the “Fishing with the Master” VBS series for 2009. You guys are great! Also, thanks to Melody and Monte of the Bible Barn for ordering our materials!

And above and far beyond everything that has been said so far — let us not forget from Whom all our blessings flow! Thanks be to our mighty Father in Heaven for letting us plant the gospel of Jesus Christ into the hearts of men, women, boys, and girls in the great city of Levelland, Texas! To God be the glory for now and forever more!!!

Northside Church of Christ
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